The Art Of Email List Building

You may have heard the phrase, “The money is in the list,” which seems to make sense, but what does it really mean? It simply means that if you can build a list of people who have responded to you or your offer, and are willing to be marketed to over time with future ideas. This is why marketers spend time with email list building and are always involved in increasing the size of their list.

This is why people do any business at all online because they trust the source and a sort of a bonding occurs. The more personal discourse that can occur by the way of emails, a blog, people who comment on blogs, or they buy from you from time to time, the more bonding that occurs. The objective is to promote this kind of activity to the hilt.

Social media is a terrific way to create an interaction that will ultimately result in bonding with customers. It starts with a mutual interest in topics, posts on the social site and following up with interested parties. People will respond to a topic or a subject in which they have an interest and are willing to share a comment or a post with their friends, which can multiply down generations of friends and acquaintances on the social site. This is an exceptional venue to offer our service or product in a subtle way of offering information, and this will enhance your email list building efforts.

Once you begin building your list to any size, you will want to stay in touch with them with an auto responder. An auto responder is a software program that allows you to load a series of emails that are designed to be sent at differing intervals to stay in touch with, and ‘drip’ information. This keeps your name in front of your list over a period of time and has proven to be an excellent marketing tool.

Another method of email list building is to do a joint venture with another person who has a list. You might be able to trade lists, thus adding more new names to each list. Perhaps you could offer your services of writing articles for their blog or writing press releases for them, or any other skill you might possess such as SEO, building a website, and the like.

The owner of a smaller list would probably be more of a mind to trade lists or agree to some sort of service in regard to help both parties. Simply ask questions and don’t be too pushy, but such an arrangement can, and certainly does in many cases improve both situations.

Once a marketer learns how to build a list, his or her Internet career will take a new turn for the better. Assuming that the fundamentals of marketing to a list are mastered, the future of that marker is assured. As the size of the list grows, the amount of income from marketing will grow proportionately. This then, becomes the goal of the marketer, which is to continue to grow the list, and that will never change.

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