Internet Business Gurus & List Building From The Start – Learn The Basic Keys To A Profitable List

A must for the professional Internet marketer is knowing how to build a business list of clients or subscribers that you can mail your affiliate program, product or service.

First you need to Build a Business List of people that want or buy stuff already. You have to ask the right questions when your Building a Business List. 1) Are they buying stuff now? 2) Are there lots of people spending money to reach them? (type the product or service in Google and see who is advertising on the right side). These are ads that people are paying Goggle to run. If you want to sell a how to book ” How to play better golf a-z” you would Google “How to play better golf a-z” then look on the right side and see who’s selling that product. You want to know that purple are spending money to sell the product you want to sell. This will give a you good Idea if your product is one the people are buying now and start Building a Business List. 3 Use to determine if the market is buying long term and not a fade.

We tested hundreds of Business List Building systems some are good most are old and poor programming. Kevin Sipe who is a SEO expert has his new system that just came out. program makes it easy to make Capture Pages. Type in SEO Capture Pages on a Google search and look for yourself also search under SEO web-site designing.

Here is the Ugly Truth about Business List Building, some people will not buy it (your products- service). Some may never buy your stuff. But almost all of them will buy something at some other time. 1) Treat your list Right, even small lists, they will make you money if you treat them with Respect. Even if you stop Building a Business list if they are a Quality list you can earn from them for years, because they like and respect you as a friend and an Authoritative figure.. 2) Only mail your list cool stuff and things that you would like to receive in your email box. Your list is already getting bombarded with junk mail they don’t want. You want to send them emails that they enjoy opening because your always giving something of Value to them.

OK here is the Big Secret Formula for List Building: 1) Find something that will help your market and will be of Value to your people. 2) You want to offer your list something for free in Exchange for their email address. 3) Do that A LOT! That is List Building 101.

Here are the Mechanics of How Business List Building Works. Send Traffic to your Webpages or Capture page. Offer the Free thing to get their email address and then send them to another page about their free stuff. Some will join your Business list and some will buy your stuff. It’s that Easy.
Here are 4 Big questions that pop up. 1) How do I get Traffic? The big question.. 2) What do I give away? 3) How do I turn Leads Into Buyers” 4) How do I set all the stuff up?

First question Traffic: You either buy it or get it from JV partners. The big boys or the Guru Business List Builders just buy their traffic. Google AdWords – Yahoo paid search – Banners – CPM mail drops. 1.) Traffic turns into leads 2.) The leads turn into buyers 3.) The buyers turn into repeat buyers.

When Building a Business List you need to make more money then you spend on leads, so let’s do the Math. 1.) If you spend 10 cents per visitor and you get 100 visitors to you Web Page or Capture Page it will cost you $100.00. 2.) If your Opt In page (Capture Page) converts at 20% (which is about normal for “Cold Traffic” you’d end up with 200 leads from that original 1000 visitors (Traffic). That’s 50 cents a lead per subscriber. Here is the Cool part. OK lets say you convert only 3% of your leads into Buyers in the 1st week of having them. 200 x 3% = 6 sales. If your selling something for $97.00 you would make $582.00. Take out the $100 you spent for traffic and your net is $482.00 minus what you product cost? The Best part is the you still have the list or leads so now you can offer them other cool stuff. There are still 196 people that have not bought anything. Believe me they are as good as money in the Bank. The Internet Millionaire guy that taught me Business List Building made over $1,000,000 on one of his lists of just over 7,000 subscribers the last 2 years. What’s Great is that you already have a net profit from having 6 people buy in the first week you started Building your Business List. Now the list you built is all pure profit when you mail these people in the future with other cool products and services.

Are you in a MLM or Network Marketing company? List Building will help your recruiting big time. One Online marketer I know is very good at List Building. She loves MLM and Internet businesses and by the way she buys most of her leads like I explained above. In one company last year she brought in over 800 personal sign-ups by herself. That’s what I’m going to Teach everyone to do. So now you can run with the Big Hitter List Builders and blow right passed them.

Next Big Question is “What do I give away? 1.) The Old Stand by Free Reports. 2.) Down-loadable Audios. 3.) Videos are really hot. 4.) As long as its something your prospects can benefit from and get Value for, your Good.

Next How do I turn People into Buyers? This is what nobody really teaches in Business List Building. What people even most Gurus don’t realize is the money isn’t really in the list. It’s in the Relationships with your list! Once you Create a Great Relationship with your list, your set for Life!
Simple Steps: Rise above the Noise and Be Different. No Hype Stand up and Step up. Give Excellent Value to your list or subscribers. Be a strait shooter (NO Bull) Help people decide they want your stuff instead of convincing them. Use audios, videos, teleseminars and email to communicate with your list.

Why This Works: You and I primarily Trust two people. A friend or a person of Authority. This is Human Nature and never has and never will change. The system I’m going to teach you does both.
In the next segment of Business List Building 101 we will show you how to set up Auto responders for follow up messages to your list. Also we will show you how to build Capture Pages with our system, it is so easy you will be a pro instantly.

Well this should give you a good start to building your list. I believe that if you do what we tell you to do and stick to it you will be the best marketer you can be. And that’s all you can ask for in the crazy thing called Life. Smile your on your way. And no your not going to learn everything in one day. So relax and work day to day this is called your DMO or Daily Method of Operation.

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