Things to Consider When Refreshing Your Brand Identity

Building a brand is anything but easy.
There’s a long list of things to consider, and it can be very overwhelming.

Among many other things, you’ve got to figure out the design of your logo, define your brand identity, and pinpoint your target market.

But if you don’t have a background in marketing, this can all feel like nothing more than a guessing game.

And even if you’ve already done all this stuff to the best of your ability, there are probably a few areas that could use some tweaking.

But where do you start?

What aspects need to be updated?

And what is a brand identity anyway?

If you’re thinking about refreshing your brand, and you find yourself asking these questions, then you’re going to want to keep reading.

Because in this article, I’m going to explain how to update your brand, explore what goes into an effective brand, and share an example of a successful brand update we did for one of our VIP clients.

Is it the Right Time to Be Refreshing Your Brand? Before you even think about updating your brand, you need to consider whether it‘s even necessary.

Over the years, I’ve worked with many clients who were never quite sure about their branding, made too many changes, and were left with an ineffective hodgepodge of unrecognizable elements.

So, before you commit to refreshing your brand, you need to think about whether it’s even worth it.

How do you do that?

Well, first of all, you need to consider if your current branding is working for you, and that means you’ve got to ask yourself some questions.

Do people seem confused about what your company does?

Are you getting a deluge of sales, or is the money just barely trickling in?

Have you been able to find qualified leads who actually want what you’re offering, or are you having a tough time trying to find anyone who’s interested?

If you’re not seeing any confusion, and having no trouble locating leads and making sales, then your branding is likely working just fine, and there’s no need for an update.

But if people are confused about your company, or you’re having a tough time finding leads and making sales, then refreshing your brand is probably the right decision.

So, before you decide to update your brand, make sure to consider all these aspects.

And if you want to learn more about why you wouldn’t want to update your brand, I published an article detailing some of the most epic fails in the history of branding, so you might want to check it out before making up your mind.

What Is a Brand Identity? Before I go too deep into what you need to consider when refreshing your brand, I need to explain what a brand identity is.

For those of you who aren’t sure what this term means, it refers to all the different aspects of your branding, and how your ideal customers relate to those aspects and perceive them.

Among other things, your brand identity includes:

Your logo Your tagline Your brand colours Your brand’s voice and messaging The fonts your brand uses What your brand stands for This isn’t an exhaustive explanation of everything that goes into a brand identity, but it should give you a better idea of what the term actually means.

If you want to learn more about this subject, you should check out my article on how to define your brand identity and maintain consistency in your marketing.

What to Consider When Refreshing Your Brand When a client asks us to revamp their website, help them build their brand, or update their existing brand, the first thing we do is a brand analysis.

This analysis looks at things like the characteristics of the client’s ideal customers, their experience and expertise in their field, what differentiates their business from their competitors, and how they want their brand to be perceived.

Understanding all these aspects is going to allow you to fine-tune your branding so that it speaks to those who are actually interested in what you have to offer.

I’m not going to give everything away, but below, you’ll find a list of several things you should spend some time thinking about if you’re seriously considering refreshing your brand.

Read: Why Brand Consistency (or Lack Thereof) Can Make or Break the Success of Your Business


When it comes to branding, one of the things people tend to overlook most is consistency.

But if you want to have a successful brand, you’ve got to make sure to maintain consistency, otherwise, you could make your brand less recognizable and even confuse your customers.

So, if you want to learn how to maintain consistent branding, then this article is right up your alley.

It explains what brand consistency is, why it’s so important, how you can make sure your branding is consistent, and explores some of the most epic fails of inconsistent branding.

Keep reading here.

Who Is Your Ideal Customer? Hands down, this is the most important thing to consider when refreshing your brand.

Without defining this, you’re not going to know how to effectively communicate with your target market, and if you don’t know how to do that, your branding could be doomed from the get-go.

So, if you want to define your ideal customer, here are some things to consider:

What do they value? Where are they located? How much money do they make? How much education do they have? What demographic(s) do they belong to? What motivates them to give you their business? Do they belong to any particular career level or distinct industry? There are many more questions you can ask when you’re trying to define your ideal customer, but the ones above should be more than enough to help you understand how this works.

What Differentiates Your Brand from Your Competitors? After you’ve defined your ideal customers, the next thing you need to do is figure out what differentiates you from the competition.

In marketing speak, this is called your unique selling proposition (USP), which is essentially a definition of why potential customers should choose you instead of one of your competitors.

So, if you want to define your USP, here are some things to consider:

What kinds of problems and challenges are your ideal customers facing? How can you help them to overcome these problems and challenges? What is it that allows you to do this better than the competition? Why should someone do business with you instead of them? What are the qualities that make your brand unique? How can you convey all of this in a concise way?

Are You Focusing on Yourself or Your Customers? One of the biggest mistakes a business owner can make when it comes to their branding and marketing is to put all the focus on themself and their business, instead of their customers.

Donald Miller discusses this in great detail in his book, Building a StoryBrand, which explains why brands should put the majority of their focus on potential customers, instead of droning on about themselves.

This method highlights potential customers’ problems and pain points, effectively grabs their attention (because you’re talking about them) lets them know that you know what they’re going through and are able to help them solve their problems, and focuses on what they can do with your products and/or services, rather than telling them how great you are (news flash – nobody cares).

So, if you’re the owner of a company that makes lawnmowers, the heading at the top of your home page should say something like Mow Your Lawn with Ease, instead of We Make the World’s Best Lawnmowers.

I know, it sounds like such a simple little change, but in my experience, this method can create incredibly effective branding that speaks to your ideal customers and grabs their attention immediately.

To use one of our clients as an example, let’s take a look at the home page for Dayton ICU Consulting, which offers consulting services to help hospitals implement evidence-based practices.

The heading speaks directly to potential customers, asking them a question that addresses the problem they’re dealing with, and this lets them know that Dayton ICU Consulting understands their issues and is probably their best option.

We worked with the owner of this consulting firm to build their brand from scratch, so this isn’t a good example of a brand update, but it does show the effectiveness of Miller’s philosophy.

That being said, if there’s one client that would be the best example of one of our brand updates, it would be Dr. Dheshnie from Deez Skin Rejù & Pain Clinic.

When she came to us, her website looked atrocious and even her logo was pretty amateurish.

Her old website (on the left) just cannot compare to the new one we created when we updated her brand.

For one thing, the heading on her old site doesn’t say a single word about potential clients and just goes on and on about why Deez Skin Rejù is so great, whereas, on her new website, the heading speaks to the desires of her customers, and doesn’t even mention Deez Skin Rejù.

Moreover, we completely redid her logo, opting for a stylish signature-style font in lieu of an awkward-looking and over-used lotus flower.

In addition, highlighting expertise is something that’s incredibly important in the med spa industry, and the branding on her old website just wasn’t conveying this properly.

So, we changed the layout and imagery to speak more to Dr. Dheshnie’s target market, and exude a level of expertise that accurately reflects her qualifications.

We also added several other elements to her home page, including testimonials, a statement explaining her USP, and an offer to get a discounted treatment if you sign up for her newsletter.

All things considered, refreshing your brand could be one of the best things you ever do for your business, as it was for Dr. Dheshnie.

But remember, before pulling the trigger on a brand update of your own, it’s important to consider if it’s even necessary.

I hope this article has given you greater insight into whether a brand update is right for your business, and what you need to consider if you do choose to refresh your brand.

Is your business in dire need of a brand update? We’ve been helping business owners to build their brands for more than 20 years. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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3 Business Strategies to Help You Stand Out

3 Business Strategies to Help You Stand Out
In a world filled with businesses, it’s important to find ways to make yours stand out. Whether it’s developing a niche market, providing superior customer service, or having a unique selling proposition, there are many ways to make your business shine.

Standing out from the competition can be difficult, but it’s important to find ways to set your business apart. A great way to do this is by focusing on your niche market. What does your business do better than anyone else? What can you offer that no one else can? When you focus on what makes your business special, you’ll be able to attract the right customers and stand out from the rest.

In addition to finding ways to make your business stand out, it’s also important to focus on providing superior customer service. Your customers should always feel like they’re your top priority.

Strategy 1: Focus on a niche market
In today’s business world, it’s more important than ever to find ways to stand out from the competition. One way to do this is to focus on a niche market.

There are many benefits to focusing on a niche market. For one, you can become an expert in that area, which will make you more attractive to potential customers. Additionally, you’ll have less competition, which can mean higher profits.

Of course, there are some challenges associated with niche marketing as well. It can be difficult to reach your target market, and you may have to make some sacrifices in terms of product offerings. However, if you’re willing to put in the work, focusing on a niche market can be a great way to make your business thrive.

How to focus on your niche market
When you focus on a specific group of people, you can better meet their needs and wants. This way, you’ll become the go-to business for that particular type of customer. Here are three strategies to help you focus on your niche market:

1. Define who your ideal customer is. Who are the people most likely to use your products or services? Consider factors like age, gender, location, and interests. Once you have a good idea of who your target market is, you can start catering to their specific needs.

2. Do your research. Figure out what your ideal customers want and how they want to get it. You can ask them directly or survey their competitors to find out what products, services, and prices they offer.

3. Try to be the best option for your niche market. Figure out what makes you better than your competitors and market your strengths to stand out. You’ll want to focus on how you can provide the most value for your customers, rather than simply trying to be cheaper or more convenient.

4. Make a difference. This is the whole reason to be in business: to solve your customer’s problems and make their lives better. You can do this by offering a higher quality product, better service, or more convenience.

5. Build relationships with your customers. You can do this through your company’s reputation and word-of-mouth. You can also cultivate relationships by being a part of the community and helping others. You ll want to be accessible to your customers and provide them with as much information as possible so they feel confident in their purchase decision.

Strategy 2: Emphasize what makes you unique
No two businesses are exactly alike, so find what makes yours special and make sure your potential customers know about it. Whether it’s a unique product, superior customer service, or a niche market, emphasizing what sets you apart from the competition will help you attract attention and business.

Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn – a little self-promotion can go a long way in making your business stand out from the crowd. Use your website, social media, and other marketing channels to get the word out about what makes your business special.

How to be different and unique
In a world where businesses are a dime a dozen, it’s important to make yours stand out. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the game for a while, here are a few strategies to make your business different and unique:

1. Be authentic. Consumers today crave authenticity and transparency from the brands they support. They want to know that you’re genuine and that you care about more than just making a quick buck. Let them see the heart behind your business and let them know that they can trust you.

2. Create UPS for your business. UPS stands for Unique Selling Proposition. In short, it’s what makes your business better than the rest. It may be a different approach to solving a problem, an innovative product or service, or a unique way of reaching consumers.

3. Tell your story. Consumers want to know more about your business and the people behind it. They want to know what inspired you to start a business and where you see yourself in ten years. Share with them why you do what you do.

4. Branding identity. Your brand is how consumers perceive your business. It’s all about how you want to be perceived, what you want to stand for, and the overall image of your company.

5. Customer positive review. Get feedback from your customers. It doesn’t have to be a formal survey. Ask for feedback on social media, or simply ask them if they would recommend your business to their friends and family. Also, request suggestions on where can we improve, and what they need more about our product. The more feedback the more idea to create unique products or services.

And make sure your employees are on board too – they should be able to articulate what sets your business apart when interacting with customers and potential customers.

Strategy 3: Create a strong brand
In a sea of businesses, it can be hard to make yours stand out. But with a little creativity and elbow grease, you can make your business the one that customers remember. Here are three strategies to help you create a strong brand.

1. Think about what makes your business unique. What do you offer that nobody else does? Whether it’s a great customer experience, innovative products or services, or a cause you believe in, find what sets your business apart and let that be the foundation of your brand.

2. Build relationships with your customers. When people feel like they know and trust your brand, they’re more likely to become loyal customers. There are lots of ways to build relationships with customers, from social media interactions to good old-fashioned customer service.

3. Keep it consistent. Once you’ve established your brand, continue to reinforce it with every interaction. Make sure that everything you do and say is consistent with the image you want to project.

4. Keep a positive image in the public. You can’t control what other people say about you, but you can try to manage your image by being honest, ethical, and transparent. Don’t be afraid to address negative comments or criticism head-on instead of ignoring them or making excuses. This is also a way to keep improving your business

5. Willing to settle problems. If you have an issue with a customer, work to resolve it as quickly and amicably as possible. Don’t let a single complaint snowball into a bigger problem by not addressing the situation in a timely manner.

6. Price is competitive. Be sure to research your competitors and be competitive on price. Don’t try to take advantage of your customers, but remember that you want them to come back again and again.

7. Quality is up to par. Customers don’t come back for just any old product or poor service. They’re looking for quality, which means you need to offer it. If something doesn’t meet your standards, don’t try to get away with it. Take the time and money to make sure everything is up to par or above.

As the business landscape continues to evolve, it’s becoming more and more difficult to stand out from the competition. However, with the right strategies in place, you can ensure that your business is top of mind for potential customers.

There are many benefits to standing out, including increased visibility, greater opportunities, and an improved reputation.

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How to choose a removal company for your international Relocation

Moving to a new country can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. One of the most important decisions you’ll make during your international relocation is choosing the right removal company. A reliable and experienced removal company can make your move less stressful, while an unreliable one can make it a nightmare. In this article, we will discuss the key factors you need to consider when selecting a removal company for your international relocation.

The first factor to consider when selecting a removal company for your international relocation is its reputation. You want to work with a removal company that has a good reputation for providing quality service and customer satisfaction. You can research companies online and read reviews from previous customers to get an idea of their track record. Additionally, you can check if they are a member of any industry associations or have any accreditations that attest to their professionalism.

Experience is another critical factor to consider when choosing a removal company for your international relocation. International removals require a level of experience that not all companies possess. You should look for a removal company that has experience with international relocations and is familiar with the regulations and requirements of your destination country. Ask the company how long they have been in business and how many international moves they have completed in the past year. This will give you an idea of their level of experience.

When choosing a removal company for your international relocation, it is crucial to check what services the company offers. Not all removal companies offer the same level of services. Some companies only provide basic packing and transportation, while others offer a full range of services, including packing, loading, transportation, customs clearance, and unpacking at the destination. You may also need additional services such as storage, pet relocation, or vehicle shipping, so make sure the company can provide these if necessary.

Insurance coverage is another important factor to consider when selecting a removal company for your international relocation. Make sure the removal company has adequate insurance coverage for your belongings during transit and at the destination. It is important to have peace of mind in case of any unforeseen incidents. Ask the removal company about their insurance coverage and what it covers. You should also check your own insurance policy to see if it covers your belongings during transit and at the destination.

Effective communication is critical when selecting a removal company for your international relocation. You want a removal company that communicates clearly and promptly throughout the process. They should provide a detailed quote and contract, as well as answer any questions you may have. You should also ask the removal company about their communication channels and who will be your point of contact throughout the process.

Price is an essential factor to consider when choosing a removal company for your international relocation. It’s important to compare quotes from different removal companies to ensure you are getting a fair price. However, be cautious of any quotes that seem too good to be true, as they may not include all necessary services or have hidden costs. It’s important to get a detailed quote that includes all the services you require, and any additional costs such as customs fees, storage, or handling fees. You should also ask the removal company if there are any discounts or promotions available that can help you save money.

Price is an essential factor to consider when choosing a removal company for your international relocation. It’s important to compare quotes from different removal companies to ensure you are getting a fair price. However, be cautious of any quotes that seem too good to be true, as they may not include all necessary services or have hidden costs. It’s important to get a detailed quote that includes all the services you require, and any additional costs such as customs fees, storage, or handling fees. You should also ask the removal company if there are any discounts or promotions available that can help you save money.

Licensing and Regulations
Another critical factor to consider when choosing a removal company for your international relocation is availability. You want to work with a company that can accommodate your move date and time. Some removal companies may have limited availability or may require you to book your move several weeks or months in advance. Make sure you confirm the availability of the removal company before booking your move.

International removals are subject to different regulations and licensing requirements, depending on the destination country. When choosing a removal company for your international relocation, make sure the company

In summary, choosing the right removal company for your international relocation is crucial to ensure a smooth and stress-free move. It is important to consider factors such as reputation, experience, services, insurance coverage, communication, price, availability, and licensing and regulations when selecting a removal company. With careful consideration and research, you can find a reliable and experienced removal company to assist you with your international relocation. At, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, professional, and efficient removal services to our clients. We understand the complexities of international relocations and are committed to providing you with a stress-free and seamless experience. Contact us today to discuss your international removals needs.

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Why Man With A Van is the Best Choice for Your Moving Needs

Having experienced many moves, I understand the stress that comes with it. Packing up all your possessions is only one of the many things to consider when looking for a trustworthy removal company. I strongly suggest using for any type of moving situation. Their years of experience and wide selection of services make them the ideal option for anyone who is planning a move.

Man With A Van is a leading removal company with a reputation for providing high-quality and reliable moving services. They have been in the business for many years and have helped countless individuals and families move homes and offices with ease. What sets them apart from other removal companies is their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction. They understand that moving can be a stressful experience, which is why they work hard to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible for their clients.

Benefits of using Man With A Van for your moving needs
Making use of Man With A Van for one’s relocation requirements can provide numerous advantages. Initially, they provide services that are suitable for all budgets and requirements. They are available to provide support with packing, loading, unloading, and transportation. Their staff team is comprised of experienced and friendly people who are always willing to go the extra mile to guarantee your move is stress free. Furthermore, they utilize superior packing materials and equipment to ensure your possessions remain secure and safe during transportation.

One more profit of using Man With A Van is their fairly priced and clear pricing. They provide complimentary, no-strings-attached quotes, to ensure you are aware of the cost of your move before you make a binding agreement. There is an array of payment methods available, such as cash, credit card, and bank transfer, to make it convenient for you to pay for your move in the desired way.

How to get a moving quote
Securing a moving quote from Man With A Van is a simple process. Kindly go to their website and complete the online form with your information, including your current and new addresses, the day of your move, and the type of services you need. They will furnish you with a comprehensive and exact estimation based on your particular requirements. Another option is to contact their customer service team and go over your requirements to obtain a price quote by telephone.

Comparison between Man With A Van and other removal services
It is essential to conduct research and review your various choices when selecting a removal company. There are numerous moving companies, yet Man With A Van is exceptional due to several facets. Initially, they have a verifiable record of furnishing dependable and superior quality relocation services. A variety of services are available, making it simple to pick the right solution for your needs and financial allowance. Furthermore, their pricing is clear and the customer service is outstanding, which is what makes them unique from other removals companies.

Man With A Van offering assistance with house relocation
Man With A Van provides an array of home relocation services to meet any need. They provide the necessary knowledge and equipment to guarantee a smooth transition, no matter if you are relocating to a small apartment or a large family home. Their services encompass packing, loading, unloading, conveyance, and unpacking at your new dwelling. To ensure the safety of your belongings during transit, they provide a selection of packing materials, from boxes to bubble wrap and tape.

Worldwide transportation and relocation services
Man With A Van offers their services to those who are planning an international relocation through our partner at They have a selection of international removals and relocation services to make your relocation overseas simpler and less stressful. Their services consist of packing, loading, transporting, and offering help with customs clearance and documentation. They employ a highly qualified squad of international movers who can provide counsel and assistance throughout the entirety of the process.

Man With A Van has a variety of van hire options. provides the option to rent a van if you choose to do your own packing and loading. A variety of vans are available, comprising of small, large and Luton vans with tail lifts. Their vans are kept in excellent condition and receive regular maintenance, guaranteeing you a dependable and secure vehicle for your move. Besides the usual services, they can also provide blankets, straps, and trolleys to make your move even more convenient.

Endorsements from content customers
Do not simply accept my statement – Man With A Van has had numerous content customers that have utilized their services in the past. A selection of the feedback from their pleased customers:
“Booked a complicated house move at last minute, with two separate pick up points, and a long journey. They gave us a good price, kept in constant communication, were flexible when I realised I’d misjudged a few things, and were friendly and incredibly helpful. I messed up payment and they were super nice about it too. Honestly can’t fault a single thing.”

“I used and the 3 guys on the day ( The 3 D’s) did a fantastic job. From first booking to the moment they left me at my new property the communication and service was so professional. Nothing was to much trouble and they worked so hard, didn’t even take a lunch break in the van like other companies I’ve used for moving. The were so good my sister is going to use for her move in a few months.”

How to book your move with Man With A Van
Reserving your relocation with Man With A Van is uncomplicated. You can get a free, no-obligation quote by either visiting their website or talking to their customer service team about your requirements. Upon confirmation of your reservation, their personnel will collaborate with you to guarantee everything is set for your relocation. The courteous and qualified team will arrive at the designated time on the day of the move, prepared to begin the job.

If you are in search of a dependable and honest moving company, is the perfect choice. Offering various services, an affordable cost, and remarkable customer service, they are an ideal selection for your relocation requirements. With their expertise and equipment, they can guarantee a successful move whether you are moving your residence, workplace, or to another country. What is the cause of the hesitation? Reach out to Man With A Van today and begin your journey to a hassle-free move!

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Situs Slot Gacor Terpercaya Daftar Situs Nagamenslot Terbaru 2023

nagamenslot images

Nagamenslot adalah situs judi slot online maxwin 2023 terpercaya dengan RTP slot gacor online terbaru, judi online terlengkap gampang menang. Visi dan misi situs slot gacor nagamenslot untuk menjadi pusat judi slot online terbaik dan terpercaya di Indonesia serta memberikan kemudahan seperti bet kecil dan deposit pulsa tanpa potongan.

Keunggulan kami adalah menyediakan demo slot online, game slot online gacor, dan RTP slot hari ini tertinggi. Jika Anda tidak percaya, bukti akan dijelaskan di artikel slot online ini. Sebagai slot online lapak pusat, kami juga menyediakan link alternatif slot gacor terbaru yang dapat di akses dengan mudah tanpa internet positif.

Alasan Mengapa Slot Gacor Sangat Populer di Indonesia

Slot online adalah permainan Casino yang menggunakan mesin slot tetapi versi online. Game slot ini sangat digemari oleh banyak orang di dunia karena permainan yang seru dan bisa membuat Anda meraih keuntungan dengan cepat. Situs nagamenslot sebagai pusat slot online menyediakan permainan game slot online terbaik dan terpercaya saat ini dan memiliki koleksi permainan terlengkap serta RTP slot gacor tertinggi di Indonesia 2023.

Situs slot online nagamenslot sudah lama resmi di Indonesia dan legal beroperasi, oleh karena itu Anda tidak perlu khawatir akan di tipu di situs slot gacor. nagamenslot menjadi populer karena sudah banyak member slot yang puas bermain ditempat kami dan tidak terhitung bonus yang kami keluarkan untuk mereka dari puluhan juta hingga ratusan juta rupiah setiap hari. Jika Anda penasaran ada baiknya Anda buktikan sendiri di slot online terbaik nagamenslot.

Sejarah Tentang Situs Slot Gacor Terbaik di Indonesia Paling Gampang Jackpot di Asia

Nagamenslot merupakan salah satu nagamenslot situs slot gacor yang sudah memiliki nama dan dikenal di kalangan masyarakat Indonesia dari muda sampai tua. Bagaimana tidak terkenal, sebagian besar player nagamenslot online pernah merasakan kemenangan yang jauh lebih banyak dari modal yang mereka keluarkan untuk awal deposit.

nagamenslot selalu berkembang dan maju dalam industri slot online hingga menjadi seperti sekarang. nagamenslot merupakan situs slot resmi yang memiliki lisensi dan izin untuk beroperasi di Indonesia, jadi Anda tidak perlu khawatir akan tertipu karena keamanan kami juga sudah teruji.

Berbagai Inovasi Yang Telah Dilakukan Oleh Situs Nagamenslot Gacor

Koleksi game Nagamenslot terbilang sangat lengkap sekali dari berbagai macam provider rtp slot terbaik seperti Pragmatic Play, Joker, RTG, Habanero, dll sampai variasi jenis permainan judi online seperti sportsbook, casino online, 99bet slot, live nagamenslot, dan masih banyak game dewa nagamenslot lainnya.

Akses untuk nagamenslot login juga sangat mudah karena terdapat 2 pilihan menggunakan desktop dan smartphone. Jika Anda ingin pengalaman bermain yang seru bisa menggunakan desktop, karena grafis game slot akan lebih terasa dengan layar yang besar. Tapi bagi Anda para pengguna smartphone juga bisa mengakses dengan grafis gambar yang tidak terlalu jauh beda.

Lalu apakah Anda sadar bahwa bonus nagamenslot merupakan salah satu situs slot online yang rela memberikan nominal besar kepada para player nagamenslot? Ini memang faktanya dan tidak ada penipuan sama sekali. Kami tidak seperti situs slot penipu yang iming-iming nominal besar tapi terlalu banyak persyaratan dan bahkan ada juga yang kabur tidak mau membayar.

Setelah Anda daftar dewa nagamenslot dan login, pasti Anda punya pertanyaan bagaimana cara bertransaksi atau melakukan deposit. Beberapa metode deposit yang bisa Anda gunakan adalah dengan via Bank, E-Money, dan deposit pulsa. Transaksi nagamenslot deposit pulsa bisa menggunakan Telkomsel.

Yang terakhir dan tidak kalah penting adalah Nagamenslot juga menjadi salah satu yang tertinggi diantara situs slot online lain. Hampir semua game slot yang ada di situs nagamenslot memiliki RTP tertinggi hingga 90% keatas. Perlu diketahui juga tidak banyak situs slot yang menampilkan RTP game slot mereka, yang artinya seperti membeli kucing dalam karung.

Nagamenslot gacor bisa di sebut sebagai pawang slot online karena hampir di tiap game slot yg kami miliki banyak jackpot dan punya RTP slot tertinggi. Kami berani bilang bahwa situs nagamenslot bisa bersaing dengan situs judi slot online luar negeri dalam hal besaran bonus dan kualitas permainan.


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How To Choose A Home Based Business

There are hundreds of home based businesses out there. Which ones are the best? Which one is right for you? You can spend months searching on the Internet and off line of the many opportunities there are out there to start a home based business.

The following are important points to consider before choosing a home based business:

1- There are different home based businesses in various industries, such as health, finance, business, personal, communications, electronics, wholesale products, or in certain subject areas, or based around a certain product or service. It is highly suggested to get involved in something that “lights you up.” There has to be something about the business that excites you and something you can talk about passionately. It may be the product or service, the support and training the company offers, the people that surround you in the business, the compensation, the benefits, risks and rewards, etc…

Before joining a company, ask yourself, what excites you about this business opportunity? Can you see yourself talking about this business opportunity with other people? Are other people you are talking to can see how excited you are about the business?

2- Knowing what the start up costs are, is a very important factor when deciding which home based business to choose. Before you sign anything or spend any money, ask about ALL the start up costs. Start up costs for a home based business can range from $0 dollars to $10,000. There are also monthly costs or obligations, fees for a website and hosting, product fees, monthly spending requirements, distributor fees, annual fees, marketing fees, fees to your up line, fees for not meeting other business requirements, etc.. Ask these important questions to the potential business you are seeking.

Also realize there are fees to market and advertise the business. Remember after you join, then you have to market the business to get customers or distributors for your business. If you want to make the big time, talking to your friends and family will no be enough unless you have a personal network of over 1,000 people. Marketing can be very expensive and the priciest part of a home based business.

Some people have the start up capital to invest, some don’t. Knowing this information is very important.

3- The next important element is understanding the compensation program. Understand how much profit you will make every time you will sign someone up or make for each sale. Does the company offer multi level passive income or is it direct sales? Do you have to make a certain requirement in sales? How much money in advertising or marketing do you have to spend in order to make a certain amount of income? How realistic is for this business to be popular, so other people will be willing to join? Try to figure out how long it may take to make $500 a month, $1000 a month, $10,000 a month, etc… Create a realistic plan on how to achieve your goals. If your product costs $10,000, how realistic for other people to purchase the product?

Many businesses also offer additional bonuses when you earn a certain income or have a certain amount of people underneath you. Make sure when you join a company, that your time, efforts, and money you will put into it, will reward you for everything you give. Some businesses offer handsome rewards while others offer very little or nothing.

4- Learn after you join the business, how you will be able to market yourself? Advertising costs and marketing can range from anywhere from free to $10,000 a month or more. Be very careful, since you can easily spend thousands of dollars of your money without seeing any return on investment. It is very important to take your time and do your due diligence. Ask people who are successful how they market, how much they spend a month on advertising, search online for different lead vendors, print advertising, free advertising, and alternative ways or out of the box advertising. Some home based businesses offer training and support on how to market your business while others make you figure it out on your own. This is an important question to ask.

5- What is the staying power of the company? There are tons of companies out there, that come and go within a year. Ask your self, does the company offer real value to its customers or distributors? If not, you want to look elsewhere. Companies that do not offer good value or are too expensive will most likely not last long enough. One of the worst things that can happen, is you spend months or even years of your time, effort, and money into a business and then folds, leaving with nothing. Think why people will want to join your home based business? How you see the company in 5 or 10 years? How competitive is the industry? What are the competitors doing? Understanding the competition will offer you great insight into the industry.

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7 Simple Steps to Choosing The Home Based Business That is Right For You

In these difficult financial times that we find ourselves, many people are looking for ways to create additional income for themselves. Yet they don’t know where to go to find the necessary information. These simple 7 steps will hopefully help you decide which type of home business is right for you at this stage of your life and career and where to begin to turn your dream business into reality.

A HOME BUSINESS is simply a small business that operates from the business owner’s home office, lounge or kitchen. It is usually operated in one’s spare time and is often based around the interests of the business owner.

Here are 7 simple steps to help you choose the Home Business that is right for you.

Step 1: What is your Passion?

Some of the most successful home businesses have been built around the owner’s passion for something. Catering businesses are built around a passion for cooking and seeing people enjoy your food. Network Marketing businesses are often built around a passion for talking to people, one’s love for the products and helping people develop their own home businesses as part of the team.

So the first thing you need to do is look for something that you are passionate about, that you love doing in your spare time, and see if there is a business opportunity there. One of the fastest growing hobbies worldwide is Scrapbooking and many small business opportunities are being born out of this recent trend to turn a photo album into a vivid and colorful experience.

So whether it is woodworking or baking or writing short stories or whatever, your degree of success is likely to be higher if the home business is based on something that you love doing.

Have you heard the statement “Follow your Bliss”? Well, what is your Bliss? Because if you can link your home business to your Bliss, or Passion, you will be ahead of the game already.

Step 2: How much Free Time can you dedicate to your home business?

For most of us, our home business will be started and operated in our spare time. So now you need to decide how much time you will be able to devote to your new business. And for those of you who say “but I have no spare time for anything new”, I say, “look at how you spend your days and nights and you will see how much time you waste on non-productive stuff”. A good, and useful, exercise is to keep track of what you do over the period of a week, in the 6 basic categories of Work, Family Time, TV, Entertainment Out, Lazing Around and Sleep. All you will need to do is find some 8 to 10 hours a week that you can redirect, and you will have enough time to develop and grow and successful home based business.

Step 3: How Much Money is available to invest in your Home Business?

This is often another obstacle that people find to starting up a home based business. It is important to realize that some $$ will be required to make a go of anything, but some types of home based businesses require a lot more $$ than others. Often where less $$ are needed, more time is needed, but this is not always the case. And for most of us, the reason for starting up a home based business is to generate additional income because there is never enough money left over at the end of the month, or as they say “the money runs out before the month does”.

A Network Marketing business, for example, will often be able to be started for a couple of hundred dollars and a commitment to spend another $50 to $100 a month on training material, conferences and the like. But these sorts of businesses, if you follow the system properly, can start to deliver income within a few months. An Internet based home business may require a larger outlay in the beginning, maybe a few thousand dollars for the training program and software required and can become cashflow positive within 6 to 9 months. Buying into a Franchise on the other hand may require many tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. So look at your cash flow and decide what expenses you can give up temporarily, so as to free up some money to invest into your business. No business can be truly successful, if you are not prepared to invest some money into it from the beginning.

Step 4: What are your Specific Skills – what are you good at?

The next step is for you to decide how you can use your personal skills in your new business venture. What are you good at? This is linked to the first step, identifying your passion – but it is more about what you can do well and are confident about. So, if you are great with people and love to meet new people and can chat easily to strangers, then a Network Marketing business may be right for you. You will be given training on how to approach people, depending on which company you decide to work with, but your people skills will put you in a strong position to succeed.

If you are good with words, are a good writer and can put complex ideas into simple terms, of if you are creative and can think outside the box, or if you are good at getting other people to do things for you (a good delegator) then an internet based business may be perfect for you. In this modern age, more and more people are searching for information on any number of topics and are prepared to pay someone to provide that specific information for them.

If you are more business focused, a numbers person and can look at a balance sheet and see the clear picture, then maybe buying an existing small business and running it “hands off” may be a good option. This is also good for people with less free time, although some time will be required to make sure the business goes in the direction you want it to.

Step 5: Look at the Options that fit your profile

This is where you will start to narrow down the options that fit in with your Passion, your available Time, the Money you can free up to invest and your specific Skill Set. There are many hundreds of websites available that will be able to offer you the introductions to the various businesses available to you. You can go to and enter one of the four sets of words as a starting point to find out what options are available. The four main categories are Network Marketing Business Opportunities, Internet Based Marketing Opportunities, Franchise Business Opportunities and Small Businesses for Sale. In each of these categories, add the city or area where you live to limit the options presented to those ones that are more suitable for you.

Step 6: Do your more detailed research.

Once you have identified 2 or 3 business options or ideas that look good for you, then you need to do some more detailed research into those options. Is there a market need for your Product? Is the Network Marketing Company growing strongly in your area and does it have good leadership? Is the small business you are looking to buy producing a positive cash flow with a good client base? Talk to friends or find someone who is doing something similar and discuss with them. Speak to a business broker if this is the direction you are going in. Once you have whittled your choice down and are confident you can make a go of it, now you are ready to start your business.

Step 7: Take the First Step and Do It

There is nothing more exciting, when starting to develop a new business, than to get going, so now you are ready to do something to implement your business. Find out where meetings are being held to do with the Network marketing business you have chosen. Go to a seminar on Internet Marketing if that is your chosen direction and take the plunge. Most of these sort of home based businesses offer a cooling off period, or a money back guarantee, so you will have a month or maybe longer to decide if the direction is right for you. But the longer you put off doing something, putting your dream business idea into action, the less likely you are to actually get it up and running.

If you would like to know more about this subject, or have any questions about Home Based Businesses, log onto You will find a number of articles on internet marketing there.

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Personal Finance Online Or Personal Finance In Excel?

Wherever you are in the World, be it New York City, New York or Mumbai, India, before technology made things easy and before the explosive use of online services, personal budgets if they were done at all, were largely done on computer spreadsheets, and by far the most popular choice was doing personal finance in excel.

Now that apps and technology have made so many things easier, accessible and convenient online, including managing budgets online, it’s time to reconsider if personal finance in excel has had its day, including all the variations of family budget worksheets, financial planning spreadsheets, or any other offerings of managing money in excel.

The Benefits Of Managing Personal Finance In Excel

The most obvious benefit is that calculations are done by a formula processor so that the mechanics of adding up and making calculations can be automated and easily repeated, pasted, and copied.

That much is obvious, and all sorts of elaborate versions of family budget worksheets in excel can be created by anyone who can write a basic formula. So ease of creation is a major benefit, even though cost of time is high in order to create the formulas, and format the financial spreadsheet as you build it.

Another benefit to managing a budget worksheet in excel is that it could be free, certainly it will be free if you invest the heavy hours to do it yourself. Given that creating family budgets is not exactly a fun day out in the first place, however, many people look for free family budget worksheets or spreadsheets.

These products are invariably created by someone else online and sold or given away free – fully formatted and formulaic.

The Problem with Managing Personal Finance In Excel

The problem with personal finance in excel though is exactly that – personal finance in excel!

It sits on a personal computer or laptop, and is not much use on a smartphone – no-one wants to sit squinting at a finance worksheet or spreadsheet on a phone. Also, the time it takes to personalise these standard financial worksheets in excel can be wasted with one little slip, an accidental delete, formula mismatch and everything clogs up and numbers and columns don’t match up.

It is incredibly hard to recover a corrupted formula unless you are professionally trained in excel.

Also, personal finance in excel is limited to basic calculations and can’t really be integrated easily to a wider range of financial budget decisions. Each personal finance worksheet created in excel is for single purpose, not multipurpose use. One obvious danger is localised loss of the PC, laptop, or attack from virus or malware – spyware and identity theft from an unsecure system.

One very real danger in downloading free financial excel spreadheets is that these are so often given away in promotions, as ways to harvest personal details, or include hidden shipping costs, or suck you into buying something much more expensive later.

You can never be sure if you have bought or loaded illegal pirate copies or OEM software. These localised personal finance spreadsheets might even contain malware, spyware or tracking cookies to steal your data – you just can’t tell.

The Explosive Benefits Of Personal Finance Online.

Managing money online has a lot of the benefits of finance in excel without any of the drawbacks.

In fact the only problem with it isn’t really a problem at all. It costs more than free – but comes with dedicated service, it never crashes, you can’t lose it, someone else has to maintain the connections, and a bunch of employed people are concentrating 100% on making it work and work well.

There are no install problems, hidden costs, or personalised mistakes. The best ones have encryption software to protect security, they make it really easy to use, access it and maintain it.

Financial budgeting online can even be fun, and money saving. Chose one which pays back a user dividend or uses your details anonymously with your permission to find you really cheap deals and money saving opportunities without spamming you to death.

Personally, I think personal finance online software is the only way to go, way better than personal finance in excel, which frankly is decades out of date and not at all convenient.

Think about it – If I’m going to invest time to create a family budget, a critical component of mastering money – why would I not want to gain some benefit through a finance online service which sourced cheaper prices on my behalf – why go and do all that searching myself, all over again?

Surely, conducting personal finance online is a no brainer?

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Online Car Finance

With the increase in the number of people who want to purchase a car through car financing, many car financing companies now go online to take advantage of the power of the Internet.

Over the years, car financing has changed a lot in order to cater to the people’s demand for a more convenient way of shopping for car financing options. And because of the Internet, online car financing is now widely available to those people in search for a variety of options.

Online car financing is very convenient. You can file your loan application over the Internet and shop around for a good deal from the comfort of your office or home. You do not have to visit your local car financing company because everything about car financing is already available to you online. You just have to email the company or contact their customer service representative for certain queries.

Aside from this, applying for online car financing is not as lengthy a process. What used to take hours can now take minutes because of modern technology. You can easily browse from site to site to compare car financing companies as well as their rates. You just have to read and understand the details about car financing included in the website so when you file your car financing application, you have a clear understanding of what you are getting into.

However, with the rise of scams on the Internet today, you have to be very cautious when selecting the online car financing company that you deal with to make sure you are not being taken advantage of. You should only deal with companies that publish their contact details on their website, including phone numbers, email addresses, the company’s address, and the name of the company head. You should find time to verify their office’s contact information in the phone directory or in the yellow or white pages. If the company is not listed, it could probably be a phony site.

Online car financing is indeed a more convenient way to shop for car financing options and compare car financing rates. Just take the time to do your research, as this will help you find the best deal for your car purchase.

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Here’s Why the Cryptocurrency Dash Puts Bitcoin to Shame

Cryptocurrencies are all the rage right now.

Everywhere, you see headlines with impressive thousand percent gains for “coins” like bitcoin. But what gives them value? When have you ever used bitcoin?

The truth is that it’s not practical right now, primarily due to the amount of time it takes to complete a transaction. But there are other coins out there that are emerging as viable candidates to succeed bitcoin as the No. 1 cryptocurrency.

There’s a lot to understand about the intricacies of cryptocurrencies, but this article is more about finding an investment opportunity than explaining the science behind them.

A Bubble in Bitcoin?

One thing that’s important to know is the concept of “mining.” This is the very basis of cryptocurrencies. That’s how new bitcoins are made.

In simple terms, the “miner,” through special software, solves a complex math problem and is rewarded with new bitcoins as a result. Then, the transaction is stored in the blockchain, and those new bitcoins are officially in circulation.

As more bitcoins are in circulation, mining them becomes more complicated and time-consuming, and less profitable. So even though about 80% of possible bitcoins are in circulation right now, the last one won’t be mined until 2140.

As most people know by now, bitcoin has seen a gigantic rally this year. In fact, it’s up about 1,200% over the past year, causing a lot of people to think it’s in a bubble.

The total value of bitcoins in circulation is now over $150 billion. If bitcoin was a company, it would be in the top 50 largest in the United States.

I personally believe that the only reason bitcoin is so much more valuable than any other cryptocurrency is because it was the one that first broke through to the mainstream. That’s still important, though. It, at the very least, gives other coin developers something to improve on.

The good thing is that even if you think you’ve missed the boat with bitcoin, there are plenty of other cryptocurrencies out there. Of course, some are scams, but others have real potential.

One of the ones that I believe has real, practical use is called Dash.

Dash: Digital Cash

First, Dash is ahead of the game in terms of convenience. Right now, bitcoin transactions take about 10 minutes to an hour on average. Dash is setting out to be the primary cryptocurrency that can be transferred instantly (in less than one second) between parties, making it much more practical when it comes to buying things online or at a store.

One of the most appealing features of Dash is that 10% of the newly mined coins are given to the Dash DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). Simply put, the DAO is the treasury of Dash. At the current price of more than $600 per coin, that’s $4 million per month that it can use.

It’s important to know that no other coin has this kind of continuous funding. With this money, the Dash DAO can develop and market the currency.

Also, anyone can submit an idea for a project to enhance the value of Dash. Then, the project is voted on by thousands of Dash developers. An example would be partnering with stores to make Dash a viable means of transaction for their goods.

Of course, these developers make money from Dash, so anything that benefits and promotes the currency will be enticing.

This creates a circular effect, where the currency appreciates in price because it’s better funded and marketed, then the DAO makes more money, and it’s able to market Dash even more.

A Breakthrough for Dash

So far, Dash can be used at over 300 physical stores and over 100 websites to purchase goods or services. But the breakthrough for it could come from the marijuana industry.

Right now, banks are not allowed to have anything to do with marijuana transactions; everything has to be done in cash. Vendors can’t even put money from their sales in a bank.

Not only does this bring the risk of being robbed, but these companies have to pay for cash storage and transportation. That adds up quickly.

Being able to use Dash would be huge for these vendors. It would also mean great things for the price of Dash.

The good news is that it has already started making progress. In April, Dash partnered with a digital payment system called Alt Thirty Six, which has partnerships with some of the leading dispensary business management software companies in the country.

These software companies track transactions for hundreds of dispensaries and delivery services. That means that Dash users already have hundreds of ways to use the currency.

Since Dash officially became a payment method on Alt Thirty Six on October 11, its price has gone up 118%. That’s only in a month and a half.

Just the Beginning

With a market cap of only $4.8 billion compared to bitcoin’s $156 billion, I believe Dash still has plenty of room to climb going forward.

The marijuana industry is just the start for Dash, but it’s a great one. In 2016, legal sales were about $7 billion. Another estimated $46 billion was sold on the black market.

And as more stores open and marijuana becomes legal in more states, that legal number is expected to be $23 billion by 2021 and $50 billion by 2026.

Again, this is just the beginning for Dash. Its unique immediate transaction feature makes it a viable alternative to cash, giving it an edge over other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

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